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When searching for a new family member, many families have questions about the Personality of a Persian cat.   Some questions I have had are:  What cat breed has the best personality?   Do Persian cats do well with children?    Do Persian cats have good personalities?     Are Persian cats friendly?   The most wonderful thing about a Persian is not their amazing looks, it is in fact, their sweet, laid back, affectionate personality.   A Persian has a personality unlike any other animal I have ever owned.   They are not like any other cat I have had, they are so much more docile and calm mannered.   Persians are WONDERFUL with children, friendly, and extremely loyal to their families.   They will follow you around like a dog, but are never annoying.   Always present, no matter what you are doing, they are always in the room with you.  
  Persians are the perfect pet for a family that is extremely particular about their house.   We are self admitted “clean freaks” and are amazed by how easy and clean our Persian kitties are.  There is no “potty training”, they come litter boxed trained already.   I never dreamed that I would be able to have pets that are always clean, sweet, relaxed, and are so gorgeous that they are almost like living artwork in our home.

   Something so wonderful about a Persian kitten is that once you own one, you will always own one from then on.  The way these babies reach into your soul is unlike a bond that I have ever experienced with any other animal.  They are intelligent and so sensitive to their owners feelings.   They know when you are sad or upset and always are there to comfort you.  Persians are just such sweetheart kittens.   I cannot put into words the love my family and I have for these cats, but anyone who has owned one can tell you, there really is not a better, more loving pet to be had!

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The Persian cat is an old breed which came from Persia which is off course modern day Iran. They are bred to have a round head, short face, snub nose, chubby cheeks, small, rounded ears, big eyes, a sturdy body and off course a marvelous coat. Persian kittens have the sweetest personality among all cats, that is why it dethroned the Maine coon as the favorite American cat. These sweethearts are not fans of noisy enviroment , and they themself would not be found climbing on the fridge, scratching your sofa, they prefer to stay on the floor. Persian kittens are mmostly proned to some health conditions that we use our experience to avoid in our cats , they could at time be

– Breathing difficulty or noisy breathing caused by constricted nostrils
– Dental malocclusions, meaning the teeth don’t mesh well together
– Excessive tearing
– Eye conditions such as cherry eye and entropion
– Heat sensitivity
– Polycystic kidney disease, for which a genetic test is available
– Predisposition to ringworm, a fungal infection
– Seborrhea oleosa, a skin condition that causes itchiness, redness and hair loss

These conditions would hardly be found in our persian kittens as we have breen breeding selectively for over 10 years to avoid this conditions in them. For grooming of our kittens you need to pay attention to their coat, as large and beautiful as it is it could get tangled up and dirty from time to time.Our persian Kittens are fine with children and dogs, but it better not be for violent play, they would enjoy a gentle rub from anyone. All our pedegreed Persian kittens are CFA registered. Welcome to our website and feel free to reach out to us for any Persian Kitten you desire, and we would do all in our power to bring this joy and love to you.

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